Our Curriculum Vision

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At Hinchley Wood Primary School, we have ensured that our curriculum is broad, balanced and rich with opportunities. We aim to make children’s learning exciting, fun, meaningful and challenging. We have designed our curriculum so that pupils develop their knowledge and skills in each of the National Curriculum subjects and have the opportunity to apply this learning in a range of contexts.

Alongside teaching the requirements of the National Curriculum, key drivers have been identified. These are prioritised key skills and aspirations we want our children to experience and develop during their time with us. We use these 'drivers' to underpin the learning and experiences we undertake in all areas of school life and to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched.  These key drivers are personal to our school and reflect the social and educational needs of our local area and aim to provide children with the tools to succeed in the 21st Century and the ever changing world.

Curriculum Drivers

Our key curriculum drivers ensure that the knowledge children gain goes beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum. These 5 drivers have been carefully selected by the staff of Hinchley Wood Primary School to ensure that the children are equipped with transferrable skills they can take into the wider world.

  • Values: Confidence, Consideration, Determination, Enthusiasm and Independence
  • Wellbeing: Mental health and wellbeing are central to the work we do; this incorporates our children and families understanding how to look after themselves as well as each other.
  • Communication and cooperation:  We want pupils to develop the skills necessary to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings successfully in a wide range of different forms.
  • Belonging: We want our children to develop a sense of belonging, embrace the  community and diverse world that we are a part of understand some of the past and present global issues that have taken place.
  • Influence:  We want pupils to understand the impacts of actions and events. Through our curriculum we want learners to understand that they can lead positive change and develop the required skills to do so.

Our lessons immerse pupils in meaningful learning opportunities ensuring they thrive throughout their time at school, whilst preparing them for an ever-changing world.  Activities are designed to engage, motivate and inspire all pupils to reach their full potential.  We teach our pupils fundamental skills such as teamwork and resilience, whilst enabling them to complete learning of which they are truly proud.

We use real life people in our curriculum to help support learning and to add real life context.

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We select significant people to study from a range of backgrounds, eras and with varied achievements.

We also use high quality books and real events to help support our curriculum drivers and to develop an understanding of the wider world, both past and present.

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We strive for pupils at Hinchley Wood Primary School to have the opportunity to have enriching experiences through workshops, school trips (including residential), and visitors. We also offer a wider range of clubs enabling children to persue their own interests and hobbies.