Local Governing Body

Hinchley Wood Primary School joined the Hinchley Wood Learning Partnership (HWLP) and became an academy on 1st of October 2019. HWLP is a multi-academy trust comprising three schools - Hinchley Wood School, Hinchley Wood Primary School and Thames Ditton Junior School. Further information about HWLP can be found here.

The HWLP Trust Board has established a Local Governing Body (LGB) for Hinchley Wood Primary School fulfilling an advisory function regarding student learning and welfare. Under the LGB, a Primary Phase Sub-Committee has also been established. For further details, please refer to the Local Governing Body: Constitution and Terms of Reference which can  be accessed via the left hand column of this page.

The LGB comprises a maximum of eleven Local Governors. Local Governors are either elected or appointed: Up to five are appointed by Trustees; two Parent Local Governors are elected from the parent body; two Staff Local Governors are nominated and elected by school staff; the Headteacher and CEO are Ex-Officio Local Governors.

The members of the Local Governing Body are listed below. 

Name Nominating Authority Term Start Term End
Ben Bartlett (Trust CEO) Ex Officio 7 Oct 2019 N/A
Alison Cruthers (Chair) Trust Board 30 Jan 2022 29 Jan 2026
Peter Drysdale Trust Board 29 Nov 2022 28 Nov 2026
Lorna Hines Elected by Staff 6 Oct 2023 5 Oct 2027
Aisling Hogan  (Headteacher) Ex Officio 7 Oct 2019 N/A
Nathan Omare Trust Board 11 Dec 2023 10 Dec 2027
Stephanie Sandy Trust Board 1 Sept 2023 31 Aug 2027
Vicki Simpson Elected by Parents 11 Jan 2024 10 Jan 2028
Frankie Starling Elected by Parents 19 Dec 2023 18 Dec 2027
Alex Willson Trust Board 18 Dec 2023 17 Dec 2027
Angela Welsh Elected by Staff 6 Oct 2023 5 Oct 2027

Chair: Mrs Alison Cruthers

The Chair and/or Local Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to the Local Governors:

Clerk: Mrs Anya Headon

Hinchley Wood Primary School,
Claygate Lane, Hinchley Wood,
KT10 0AQ

Telephone: 020 8398 7161 

Email: aheadon@hinchleywoodprimary.co.uk

To meet ESFA Academy Trust Handbook requirements, the following information is also provided for each of the Local Governors who have been involved in governance during the previous academic year:

  • Date of Appointment
  • Date of termination (if applicable)
  • Term of Office
  • Who appointed them
  • Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests
  • Attendance records for meetings  

Resignations during the previous academic year include: Mrs Laura Edwards who resigned as a Trustee Appointed Local Governor on 27 February 2023, Mr Ian Martin who resigned as a Staff Governor on 17 May 2023, Mrs Seanne Wilmot who resigned as a Staff Governor on 6 October 2023 and Mr Morgan Harper who resigned as a Trust Appointed Governor on 3 November 2023. Mrs Jody Larkin's term of office as a Parent Local Governor expired on 28 November 2023.

The relevant documents can be accessed below.


Page Downloads Date  
Attendance and Term of Office 14th Sep 2023 Download
Business Interests 19th Jan 2024 Download
LGB Constitution and Terms of Reference 19th Jan 2024 Download